Testimonials About Granite Bay Dentist, Dr. William Harris

We believe that our patients are the best judges of the quality and service of our dentistry in Granite Bay, California. Read what our patients are saying about Granite Bay Dental below.

William G. Harris, DDS
Emerson Lake, DDS
Harris Dental
6965 Douglas Boulevard
Granite Bay, CA 95746

Re: My Appreciation for Excellent Dental Care
Dear Doctors,
I want to express my appreciation for the excellent dental care that I was afforded during my recent appointments. The treatments included:

Diagnosis and discovery of a large cavity in the vicinity of a crown – This entailed treatment of a cavity in close proximity to the nerve, which had been previously obscured from x-rays by the impervious crown material. Your timely diagnosis and response precluded a certain toothache and subsequent need for a root canal, which would have been required if the condition of the tooth had deteriorated any further. The expert procedure and use of state-of-the-art materials effectively protected the nerve and resulted in what was a virtually pain-free filling. A new crown, which was necessary as a result of the procedure, was fitted perfectly and, moreover, greatly enhanced the cosmetic appearance of my smile as the color was matched to perfection.

Attachment of a broken tooth segment without resorting to an elaborate and costly post procedure. You resourcefully attached the tooth with a pair of ultra-thin steel pins, which provided the structural integrity that was necessary for securely bonding the tooth. This not only avoided a complex surgical procedure, but saved substantial costs associated with a root canal and post installation.

Discovery of cavities in my two upper central incisors and replacement of deteriorated fillings. Apart from the skill that was evident to me from your procedure, the enhanced appearance to my smile was stunning. My wife was absolutely thrilled at the great improvement evident in my smile.

A thorough oral exam, which led to a diagnosis of incipient gum disease; and recommendations for improved oral hygiene, with better brushing and flossing techniques. After several weeks following your prescribed regimen, there has been a marked improvement in the condition of my gums, and I now closely adhere to the procedures that you had counseled me about.

In all my decades of dental care, I have never had a better experience β€œat the dentist.” The work has been done flawlessly, exceeding my expectations at every level – from expert dental treatment, to genuine concern about promoting good dental health practices.

I would be pleased to give Harris Dental the strongest recommendation to prospective patients.

I especially want to thank you for your professionalism and your genuine interest and concern in me as your patient. I also want to commend your staff for their always pleasant, upbeat demeanor.

Best regards,

Martin Skeer, Ph.D.
– Martin H. Skeer, Ph.D., MBA